Every year the Minnesota Farmers Union and National Farmers Union offer college scholarships for their members and their children. This year more than $14,000 in scholarships are available. Minnesota Farmers Union Scholarship applications are available on line at :mfu.org/scholarships. National Farmers Union scholarship applications are available at: nfu.org/education/scholarships.

I remember what Louise and I paid for college in the 1970's. Well. actually I should say what our Dad's paid for college in the 1970's! When Laura and Steve were in college I thought, how can college cost that much for one semester? I am sure it is a lot higher today.

If a student applies for and receives a number of scholarships like from the Farmers Union it can be a big help. If you would like more information contact MFU Education Director Glen Schmidt at: glen@mfu.org or call 651-288-4066.

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