Sure, Saturday's freak April blizzard in Minnesota caused travel plans across the state to be changed. But one Minnesota-based airline is catching a lot of flack for stranding passengers in Mexico during the snowstorm.

With over a foot of snow having fallen, and the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport having closed for several hours on Saturday, it's not a surprise that passengers trying to return to Minnesota might have been in for a bumpy ride back home.

But Minnesota's own Sun Country Airlines started catching heat over the weekend after word got out that they had stranded several hundred passengers attempting to fly back home to Minnesota from Mexico.

According to this KARE-11 story, the airline posted a notice on its social media sites on Saturday saying, "These were our last flights for the season, so we do not have another flight to re-accommodate passengers on. You will receive a full refund. Flights will need to be purchased on another carrier."

Usually, when your flight is cancelled, that airline will either rebook you on another of their own flights or will help rebook you on another airline. But in this case, it looks like for its Los Cabos and Mazatlan return flights, Sun Country didn't do either of those things.

The story said some passengers would be 'stuck' in Mexico until much later this week, (though there certainly are worse places one could be 'stuck,' it still must be a big pain in the hinder, right?!?) or would be paying several thousand dollars to buy a last-minute flight home on another carrier.

The story summed things up by quoting one passenger who had to rebook her own flight back home via Los Angeles: "Saying it's their last flight of the season, you have to book with somebody else, good luck?!?" stranded Sun Country passenger Sara Chancellor said. "Bring your fellow Minnesotans back. This is a Minnesota based company, where is the Minnesota Nice?"

Welcome to spring in Minnesota... at least this year.

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