The Faribault High School (FHS) spring musical is sensational in my opinion.  I am obviously not a professional critic but I did participate in a lot of plays when I was a young man so I do know something about working in theater.  The cast and crew were terrific in Friday night's Cinderella production.  This is the Rodgers and Hammerstein version not Disney.  It does follow the same story but tells it a little differently.

I have not been a big fan of the Cinderella story although FHS Artistic Director Paul Johnson points out on the back of the program there are, "multiple reasons why the character of Cinderella should be one of everyone's favorite.  Here are only five of those reasons for you to consider. 1) She is brave in the face of adversity, 2) she shows kindness to everyone no matter what,  3) her story shows the importance of hope, 4) she did not seek revenge in the and, and 5) she shows that sweetness and vulnerability do not equate to weakness.  Invaluable lessons for all of us."

This cast is full of kids with some great singing voices.  The choreography is excellent.  Every single cast member plays their role well.

I really enjoyed the performances of Faith Jameson and Marissa Kenney as Portia and Joy, the mean stepsisters of Cinderella.  They have great chemistry and are having fun with their characters without stepping out of their roles.

The Rodgers and Hammerstein version was written for television and is based on the French version by Charles Perrault, a French lawyer, poet and storyteller who turned to writing fairy tales in the 17th century for his children to enjoy.  This version came seven years after the 1950 Disney movie based on Perrault's version.

I feel bad for the cast because of the snowstorm timing and would encourage you to see this production when they get the chance to perform it again.

Saturday night's performance was cancelled and an announcement is planned Sunday morning concerning what happens next.

The high school is doing a promotion whereby those aged 5th grade and under can get into the show for free when wearing a prince or princess costume and after the show get to meet the Prince and Princess played by juniors Samuel Temple and Elle Whitney.

There were a lot of princesses in the crowd Friday night.

FHS Cinderella Prince and Princess take pictures with little princesses after show. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld
FHS Cinderella Prince and Princess take pictures with little princesses after show. Photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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