We've been in a drought all summer in Minnesota and the waterfalls around the state are showing it. But thanks to some rainfall late last week, Minnehaha Falls up in Minneapolis, Minnesota went from a trickle to raging.

Rain has finally been falling around Minnesota. We really need all of this rain! Our plants and yards are happier, farmers are definitely happier, and the waterfalls are loving it too.

Steve Prieve, a WCCO viewer, sent them a video of Minnehaha Falls just two days apart before and after rain and oh my gosh the difference is insane! It went from a little trickle to the usual Minnehaha Falls we all know and love.

Check out this crazy video!

It's amazing what some rain can do. I'm so happy to see that Minnehaha Falls is looking a little more normal. I'd imagine other waterfalls around the state are in a similar situation and they're doing a little better after the rain we've been getting around the state.

Hopefully more rain is on the way because we can still use it! Things are looking better out there but more rain is never bad.

Speaking of waterfalls, have you seen this Minnesota waterfall loop? If you want to make the most of the last few weeks of summer, consider taking off on a road trip to check out all of the amazing waterfalls around the state. And when you hit the road for your road trip, don't forget to take us with you on our free app! Download it below.

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