If the summer of 2021 has been anything in Minnesota, it's been one of extreme heat and drought conditions.

Over the past several months the unusual weather conditions have been the center of many local headlines, from "The Not-So-Mighty Mississippi River in St. Cloud [Photos]" to "Mississippi River Nearing Record Low in St. Cloud,"  "The Little Falls Dam is Totally Different Now Compared to July 2020" to "Sad Minnesota Tomato Spotted Crying Over Lack of Water [PHOTO]." We've seen -- and felt -- the effects of the lack of rain around us here in Central Minnesota.

Down in the Cities, the unusually low levels of the Mississippi River have been noted in the Brooklyn Park area as well, which the Star Tribune just featured in a new video shared to TikTok.

"The Mississippi River is drying up as Minnesota's drought reaches levels not seen since 1988 and the Dust Bowl," the Strib captioned its video.

The video, consisting of aerial shots presumably shot by drone, follows the Mississippi River around Brooklyn Park, highlighting basins and channels usually filled with and hidden by water.

"Entire channels of the river have caked dry," reads a voice over, "and rocks, riverbeds and islands are visible for the first time in decades."

WJON reports that, according to the National Weather Service, rainfall for the summer months of June, July and August St. Cloud is 5.59 inches below normal for rainfall.  And, for the entire year so far, St. Cloud is 5.68 inches of precipitation below normal.

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