It's been over a year since Taco Bell removed their ever-so popular Mexican Pizza from their menu. The move sent shockwaves across social media. But, the rumors have begun swirling on social media about a massive return for the item that has driven so many foodies crazy since its disappearance.

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When Taco Bell dropped their pizza item back in 1985, it quickly became a fan favorite.

But back in September of 2020, we put out some news that shocked the world.

When we dropped the news that Taco Bell would be removing the Mexican Pizza from their menu, folks were not OK. No seriously, people were genuinely (and rightfully) livid with the move.


Our Facebook community was tagging their friends and family telling them to get to the nearest Taco Bell location as quickly as possible. It was doom-and-gloom for Mexican Pizza lovers around Acadiana, as their favorite item on the fast-food chain's menu would soon be disappearing.

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But the people of Acadiana weren't alone in their gripe with the Bell. Folks far and wide were showing their displeasure with the removal of the Mexican Pizza on social media.

Let's be real - the year 2020 brought about quite a bit of division across the country. Couple an election year with a global pandemic and you land in one of the tensest times in the country's history; at least since I've been alive.

But, Taco Bell removing the Mexican Pizza had many uniting for a common cause. That cause - you can't take away the beloved menu item. The Mexican Pizza cannot go.

Is the Mexican Pizza coming back to Taco Bell?

I had been hearing some rumors on social media about a potential return of the Mexican Pizza.

Some even petitioned the President of the United States to do something about the issue.

But then, a popular foodie-figure on TikTok and Instagram put out some news that reverberated around social media.

According to @markie_devo on Instagram, the Mexican Pizza will return to Taco Bell's menu in 2022.

Since this announcement, multiple online outlets have reported on the earth-shattering return of the Mexican Pizza.

With some outlets saying that Taco Bell will be kicking the Mexican Pizza up a notch with its return, including a "double cheesy" version and one with spicy chorizo, the item could be back bigger and better than ever in 2022. Apparently, it will also be back in a better container. So long to that flimsy ole box the Mexican Pizza used to come in.

If April or May of 2022 is really when the Mexican Pizza will return, you can bet your bottom dollar that Taco Bell's lines will be wrapped around the building and down the block.

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So rejoice - 2022 could be the comeback year for both the Mexican Pizza and all of humanity.

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