Merry Christmas from rainy Phoenix! Louise and I were lucky we flew down on Thursday as all we heard on the news Friday was about flight cancelations and travelers stranded at the airport. Hopefully it will be straightened out by late next week when we plan to fly back to Minnesota. We are at a really nice resort just North of Phoenix. Monday we will be moving to a hotel in downtown Phoenix close to the stadium for the Gophers game.

attachment-Pool from resort room

There are not a lot of things open on Christmas day so we are just relaxing at the resort. Sunday we plan on going on a dinner lake cruise. I was "game" for a balloon ride but Louise was not so sure about that idea? It was 71 degrees and partly cloudy skies when we landed in Phoenix. It rained just about all day Friday and we received 1.26 inches of rain which I understand is a lot in one day for Phoenix.

attachment-Resort Balloon Ride

We are planning on having Christmas in January with Laura's family at the Christmas Mountain Ski Resort near the Wisconsin Dells. It sounds like Steve and Meghan may be able to drive up from Indianapolis too. Growing up with 6 brothers and sisters and now their extended families, plus being a dairy farmer you got together when it worked for everyone and called it Christmas! Go Gophers!


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