I noticed lately there are a lot of commercials on television for various medicines.  They tout assisting people in handling everything from arthritis to depression.  At the conclusion of the commercial comes the announcer talking really fast about all the possible side effects you could suffer.  This is their legal disclaimer.  You know, corporate lawyers make them include this on the commercial so when you suffer from one of these side effects you can't sue because you were forewarned.

I do have arthritis and it is getting worse.  Particularly in my knees, hands and shoulders.  The other night I was feeling it more than usual when this commercial popped up on the television talking about some weirdly named drug that could help patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

But the disclaimer of possible side effects made me laugh out loud.  "In some cases could cause death" they said.  That was not the only thing included.  Off the top of my bald head I recall them saying other side effects included "the possible development of cancer" and an "increased risk of blood clots, heart attack or stroke."

Getting back to my bald head.  I researched drugs to treat arthritis and one of them said a side effect of arthritis, not the drug, could be hair loss.  There were 56 drugs listed to treat arthritis.

I think I'll live with my arthritic pan.  I'm guessing it beats having cancer, a stroke, or heart attack.

Prescription Drug Bottles- photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Prescription Drug Bottles- photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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