It wasn't just Santa Claus and families giving gifts on Christmas. The Medford Civic Club's "Griswold Holiday Light Challenge" wrapped up and the group took to Facebook to announce the winners of the contest that "would make Clark Griswold proud." The top-3 vote-getters earned themselves cash prizes, and by the looks of it, they all seemed pleased with the results.

In 3rd place, I present to you 402 2nd Ave SE:

Image Credit: Medford Civic Club via Facebook

As you can see 402 2nd Ave SE is decorated with a candy cane fence, with light-up Santa's and some snowmen, and what appears to be an angel. Also, you can see that the homeowners took the time to also decorate their trees and added some light decorations that put some colored 'dancing' snowflakes on the side of their house.

In 2nd place according to the vote total was the house at 7564 NW 52nd Ave.

Image Credit: Medford Civic Club via Facebook

It's tough to tell if all of the trees belong to 7564, but it sure looks nice. The lights appear to make a lit hammock between two trees. The back patio is lit up as well with some well-hung lights. The garage is also nicely lit up to brighten the spirits of those who pass by on a cold winter's evening.

In first place, 404 3rd Ave SE went with a simple but effective approach, that approach, maximum light with bright white, green, and red lights on the house and in the trees.

Image Credit: Medford Civic Club via Facebook

If you get too close to those white ones, you might need some sunglasses or UV protectant. Great job by all!

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You can see all of the decorated homes in Medford that participated in the lights competition here! 

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