It's not a new tactic, but the bad guys are persistent. The Owatonna Police Department (OPD) reports a woman "did exactly the right thing" when contacted about bailing her grandson out of jail. The weekly Just the Facts e-newsletter from the OPD says a woman contacted police after getting the disturbing phone call.

"This is a common scam, but instead of sending money to the scamster, the potential victim contacted law enforcement to talk about the matter," the newsletter states. "We credit the potential victim in this case-she did exactly as she should do when confronted with this scam by not acting on impulse and verifying the information."

Just the Facts offers a link to the Federal Trade Commission on avoiding scams.

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The OPD reminds people to take care when walking after dark, "Please remember to help protect yourself and wear light/bright colored clothing to help motorists see you. You may want to consider investing in some gear to keep you visible, such as a headlamp, reflective clothing or LED lighted vests, arm of ankle bands."

They also say "don't assume motorists see you-keep your head up and be alert to oncoming traffic or when crossing streets or at intersections."

With the advent of winter, Owatonna police remind you to follow safe winter driving practices.

  • Slow down
  • Only travel if necessary when conditions are poor
  • Watch for snow plows and give them five car lengths of distance
  • Have a winter survival kit with you
  • Buckle up and make sure passengers are properly secured as well


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