I have heard that there is a fair amount of grain, especially corn that is still in farmers bins from last fall. Between low prices and transportation issues with flooding on the Mississippi River many farmers are looking at carrying over grain until later this year. That likely means they may be putting new crop grain in the bin on top of some old crop. It is very important that you measure the bins before you put new crop grain in the bin!

Almost all farmers have some type of crop insurance. It is very important to know your production for each year to "prove" your yields in case you did not reach your guarantee. In addition with the Market Facilitation Program Payments you need to know what your production was for each year. You can "self certify" by measuring the depth of the grain  and knowing the bin dimensions. Take that information to your local Farm Service Agency and they can calculate how many bushels are in the bin. It would not hurt to check the test weight too!

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