The USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture awarded the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) a $500,000 grant to advance work in farm stress and mental health. This grant will enhance the MDA's "Bend, Don't Break" efforts that connect rural Minnesotans and farmers with resources that are available to reduce anxiety, stress, and crises situations.

" It will support, improve, and promote services such as mental health counseling, farm advocates, marriage retreats, and a 24/7 Farm and Rural Helpline, and will expand a radio show and podcast series that profiles farmers who have navigated difficult situations,"

"We know from working with farmers that suicide, farm transition and succession, legal problems, family relationships, and youth stress are critical issues where we can all make a difference," Minnesota Agriculture Commissioner Thom Peterson said. "we're thankful that the USDA can help expand our efforts."

Even in good times rural Minnesotans and farmers have some of these issues that seem to be compounded by financial stress. We were for the most part fortunate that even with the drought we saw pretty good yields in our area. Imagine trying to deal with skyrocketing costs for fuel, seed, fertilizer, rent, and repairs when you are trying to survive on crop loss insurance payment? Notice to that this grant and programs are not just for farmers but rural Minnesotans too!

11 of the Most Devastating Weather Disasters in Minnesota Throughout The Years

We might be full of lakes and "nice" but Minnesota has had its fair share of horrible and nasty weather. Throughout the years we've had floods, fires, storms that have crushed stadium roofs flat, and tornadoes that have destroyed lives.



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