It was on July 8, 2021 that I saw the sad news that Pipeline Foods had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. I believe chapter 11 means they are going to try and reorganize and hopefully work out a deal with creditors so they can continue to operate. However, I knew that some local farmers were going to be greatly impacted financially. While at the Steele County Fair I talked with one farmer I knew, he said he had not been paid around $30,000 for grain he delivered to Pipeline Foods. He said he had a neighbor that had not been paid $200,000.

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The Minnesota Department of Agriculture is advising any farmer who "has not received payment for grain or who had grain stored at any Pipeline Food's facilities located in Minnesota to submit a bond claim with the Department." To submit a claim a number of steps will need to be followed. Farmers must complete a Grain Bond Proof of Claim Form, include supporting evidence like scale tickets, contracts, assembly sheets, non-sufficient funds checks, and warehouse receipts.

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This information can be emailed to: or mailed to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture Fruit and Vegetable & Grain Unit 625 North Robert Street St Paul Minnesota 55155. The deadline is January 4, 2022 to submit a claim. Questions can be directed to Christine Mader at 651-201-6620 or Nick Milanowski at 651-201-6076. More information can be found on the website:

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