Do you remember your first McFlurry treat at McDonald's? Did the oddly shaped hollow straw give off the vibes of a spoon that you could suck the ice cream up through? Did you try it? McDonald's wants to ease your embarrassment with free ice cream.

In a press release, McDonald's shared:

While we can’t change the iconic hollow spoon (a key piece of the mixing process), we can help ease the sting of your facepalm upon figuring out how to use it. How? We’re giving everyone who has ever even thought the spoon was a yeah, everyone...a FREE Regular Size Caramel Brownie McFlurry on May 4 at participating McDonald’s.

So if you ever made that mistake, know you aren't alone and free ice cream is on the way. You just need to download the McDonald's app to your phone, scan the special offer code they will have for the free McFlurry on May 4th, and receive your reward.

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Have you ever wondered exactly why that iconic spoon is the way it is, and how it works? Luckily TikTok knows all and a McDonald's employee shared the process. Once the ice cream and toppings are in the cup, the spoon is put into the cup as well, and the open end is attached to a motor on their mixing machine. So the spoon you use to eat your ice cream is the one that blended it all together. You learn something new every day.

@mar4rlIf u didnt know, now u do 😄 ##mcflurry ##mcdonalds ##icecream ##mcdonaldssecrets ##howto ##canada♬ Juicy - Doja Cat

Enjoy your free ice cream!

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