As Minnesotans, we do some crazy stuff and have some weird traditions. Like eating lutefisk and jumping into freezing lakes. The last one is for a good cause though so it's a little more acceptable. This particular Minnesota tradition that just took place yesterday is up there with some strange traditions we have.

Minnesota Dairy Queen Reopens for the Season

There are a few ice cream shops that close for the winter around Minnesota. Totally understandable, business it's going to be as prominent when it's below freezing. I think most if not all of us in Minnesota eat ice cream at least once during the winter anyway, it's not always enough to make ends meet for a business.

Cute little boy share ice cream with his sister
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Among those ice cream shops that close are some Dairy Queen locations. I'm pretty sure most reopen around April, or whenever the weather starts to warm up. But one DQ location doesn't care. Snow or not, this place is opening on March 1st... every... year.

And people love it!

This is at the Moorhead, MN DQ. The location is one where you order outside at a window, so it's not like you can go in to warm up. But this is a tradition, man! There was a line down the block waiting to place their first order of the season.

According to MPR, the area had just gotten about a foot of snow overnight. So it's cold, there's tons of snow, and people are waiting for half an hour in line outside to get a cold ice cream treat. You can't get much more Minnesotan than that!


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