This is crazy, McDonald's has officially released it's first new McFlurry flavor in 7 years! Sadly, this new McFlurry flavor is a holiday exclusive flavor so it won't be around forever. But, this new holiday exclusive McFlurry flavor is... snickerdoodle! It sounds delicious and also very holiday-appropriate.

Thrillist writes that the Snickerdoodle McFlurry consists of "vanilla soft serve with crunchy crumbles of cinnamon cookies and a Snickerdoodle topping." That sounds so good!

Unfortunately, you can't get this new, delicious McFlurry in stores YET. Starting yesterday, the 11th, through the 17th you can, however, try out the Snickerdoodle McFlurry if you order it through UberEats. After the 17th you'll have to wait until late November, according to Thrillist. Late November is when it'll be in all McDonald's locations throughout the holiday season.

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