Was it just me or did you feel like you needed a shower after taking your kids into one of those play areas at your local McDonald's?  It always seemed like a germ haven.

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The worst thing, of all the bad things in there, was the ball pit.  You know, that pit you threw your kids into to build up their immune system. I'm starting to gag a little just thinking of it.

That pit full of different colored balls and God knows what else was in there. Feces, urine, boogers, missing kid, I don't know. It just seemed like something that would be close to impossible to sanitize.

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McDonald's CEO recently said  "I don't know if we've got ball pits in our future.  There's probably some good public health reasons not for us to be doing a lot of ball pits."

I suspect people are going to be a whole lot more "germ aware" after all this pandemic stuff is over, if it ever is.

It wasn't just the ball pit. Just the whole play equipment setup seemed like a mecca for germs. Snot dripping little micro bops crawling all over the slides, climbing through those PVC pipe tunnels. What the hell could be in there?

Anyway, I was slightly relieved to hear the news of the possible demise of that big germ pit at McDonald's locations. It wasn't really clear it the McDonald's CEO meant the would be getting rid of all the ball pits or just stop putting them in new McDonald's locations.

Anyway, you just may have to find other ways to build up your kid's immune system.


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