The Rice County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) recognized Paul and Mary Otting with the 2020 Forestry Stewardship Award. Typically they would have been recognized at the Rice County Fair during the Best of the Best Rice County Agriculture Hall of Fame Program. With the Rice County Fair canceled this year it was felt that these award recipients should still be honored this year!

So special thanks to Teresa DeMars with the Rice County SWCD for helping with organizing the visit to the Ottings to record an interview about their award! The Forestry Stewardship Award is for a land owner that manages woodlands in a sustainable way and restores woodlands to provide natural habit for wildlife.


Click on the link and listen to Paul and Mary talk about their farm and all the work involved in planting trees and getting them established. They pretty well summed it up when they said "we appreciate and enjoy living here more every day."

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