For centuries, humans have struggled with weight. At times in our history it's been too little weight. Right now, so many Americans are overweight and obese. To think, researchers at the Mayo Clinic may have found a "magic" weight loss pill is quite amazing!

Weighing In
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According to the federal government, 36% of Americans are obese.  As a country, we spend billions on expensive gym memberships and nutrition plans to keep us healthy but we still struggle.  Imagine a pill that could help.  It sounds like magic, right?

While investigating the effects of obesity on cancer treatments, researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona made an unexpected discovery.  To see the full findings - 1) You may need to be a doctor because this is smartsy stuff and 2) you will need a few hours.  There's a lot.  Click here.  Or you can read my quick version below.

They found that two common cancer fighting drugs produced significant weight loss in lab mice, even when the mice were eating a ton of calories.  They also found they could reverse the obesity without any toxicity.  That means, weight loss with no ill effects.  The drugs are methotrexate and cyclophosphamide.  Clearly, these pills fight fat in lab mice.  That's a great start!

Obviously, time will tell if they have the same effect on human beings as they do on mice.  And of course there will have to be trials with many people and FDA approval.

If you were going to create a pill that had that effect, what would you call it?


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