This afternoon I was out to the farm to take a set of tractor duals to the local machine shop. When I took them off last summer, the bands broke off of the rims. They thought they could let the air out of the tire so the tube would drop away from the rim. Then hopefully they could weld it without ruining the tube. If the tube is ruined I happen to know someone who can fix the tube, too. When you think about it, farmers depend on the skill and expertise of a lot of people!

I was surprised at how dry the fields were. A couple of weeks ago we received a foot of snow. Then earlier this week about a half an inch of rain. The frost must be out of the fields because there was no water standing in the low spots. The tile lines were running full and the drainage ditches and rivers were about half full. Here it is early in March and not early April. Maybe an early spring? We can hope for it can't we?

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