Even though Christmas is not until Monday the grain and livestock markets at the Chicago Board of Trade will close around noon today. The markets will not open again until 8:30 am Tuesday morning. Notice there will not be an overnight session Monday Christmas day evening. Normally the volume would be very light on a day like today. However if some unexpected news like a change in the forecast for South America would surface it could get really zippy. That is because many traders have already left for the holiday weekend.

Today is a big day for the cattle and hog markets as the monthly Cattle on Feed and Quarterly Hog and Pig Report will be released at 11:00 this morning. It seems a little unusual to have important reports released just an hour before the markets close for a long holiday weekend. So, there could be some excitement in the cattle and hog markets at 11:00. In addition to those two reports the USDA will also release the monthly Cold Storage Report this morning too.


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