The CME has announced the grain and livestock market trading schedule for the Thanksgiving holiday. The grain and livestock markets will close at the normal time on Wednesday. It used to be an early close on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving but not the last few years. The markets will remain closed until the normal time Friday morning at 8:30 am. There will be an early close Friday at about noon though. The markets will reopen normal time Sunday night for the overnight session Then the markets will reopen normal time at 8:30 Monday morning.

The last few years the grain markets have seen a nice rally during the Thanksgiving holiday week. This has been especially true on the short trading day on Friday after Thanksgiving. There are of course no guarantees but it has been a trend Gordy and I have noticed over the last few years. Corn and soybeans did open higher this morning and did back off a bit but are still trading higher this morning! Be aware too that this week the market is typically thin as many take off the whole week for Thanksgiving. Light volume can accentuate market moves both up and down!

18 Annoying Things that People in the Midwest are Doing

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