Late last week Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the details of the USDA's Market Facilitation Program round two as I call it. Round one was last fall and it was based on how many actual bushels of program crops you produced. There was also a payment based on how much milk you produced and how many pigs you owned. Round two will be based on a per acre basis of program crops planted. Payments will also be included in round two for pork producers and dairymen too.

Sign up for the Market Facilitation Program will begin on Monday July 29, 2019 and run through Friday December 6, 2019 at County Farm Service Agency Offices. The payments for corn and soybeans will be based on a county wide basis. Generally speaking it looks like counties in our area will range from $60 to $70 an acre. The way I understood it half will be paid soon after farmers sign up. The final half will be in two payments if the USDA determines it is still needed.

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