Earlier last week Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced that there would be another round of Market Facilitation Payments (MFP.) Then on Friday he instructed all County Farm Service Agency (FSA) to process the payments by Friday November 22, 2019. When farmers signed up for MFP round two we received 50 percent of the projected payments. By Friday we will receive another 25 percent. It is not official yet but it is projected the final 25 percent of MFP round two will be paid in early January.

If you did sign up for the MFP round two you do not have to sign up again to receive the 25 percent payment by Friday. County FSA offices will process the payments and the money will just show up in your bank account. However, talking with County FSA directors there are some farmers who have not yet signed up for MFP round two. The deadline to do that is early in December. If you miss the deadline you will not receive the MFP payments!

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