Mantorville, MN (KROC AM News) - The Dodge County Sheriff is spreading the word about an upcoming parole hearing for the man who shot and killed an area law officer more than 30 years ago.

Claremont Police Chief Gregory Lange was murdered in 1988 while responding to a violent domestic assault incident. The man who shot him was Andrew Salinas, who pleaded guilty to 1st degree murder. He was given a life sentence but is eligible for parole.

Dodge County Sheriff Scott Rose has posted on his Facebook page, “We were advised this week that Andrew will be up for a parole hearing in April. This is what Chief Lange's wife Sue posted this week:

"As if I don't have enough other stuff going on in my life, Chris and I now have this to contend with in April. I am asking for help to keep Andrew Salinas in prison."

"This will be the third Life Sentence Review our family has gone through. We are asking for help to keep Andrew Salinas behind bars and ask that letters or emails be sent."

"Any help you can give us is greatly appreciated!!"

- Sue Lange

Rose’s post also includes this information:

In 2008, a year after Robert was paroled, Andrew was caught with 3 other convicted murderers of attempting to dig a tunnel out of in the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Bayport. They were caught and disciplined after the 25 foot tunnel was discovered. When he was apprehended after the murder of Chief Lange, Andrew threatened that he would come after Dodge County deputies and kill them.

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