Where is the strangest place you have found your cell phone after losing it? Maybe I should rephrase that. Where is the strangest place you found your cell phone that you could tell someone about? Last fall about 10:30 at night I dropped my cell phone from the catwalk into a pile of 12,000 bushel of corn. I was drying corn into a converted livestock barn with a cement floor and concrete bunker silo panels on the inside to protect the walls.

I dropped it on one of the peaks only a couple of feet from the catwalk. I could see it laying on the corn pile with the light turned on. I jumped down into the corn to get my cell phone, the corn shifted and buried my phone. I could not find my phone! The worst part was I had told my wife Louise I would be home around 9:00 but I got home at midnight. I just kept thinking I hope Louise does not wake up before I get home or she will be really worried!

Louise woke up at 11:30 and I was not home nor would I answer my phone. I opened the garage door at midnight and Louise was standing by her car. She had decided to drive 50 miles out to the farm to see if I was laying out there injured or worse.  I got a big hug when she saw I was okay. Then she was ready to hurt me! I guess this is what it's like to be married to a farmer.

Luckier Than Finding a Needle In a Hay Stack?

Well, yesterday I was loading corn and I found my cell phone!

Cell phone lost in corn foud
Cell phone in corn (Jerry Groskreutz)

I was using a tractor and loader to push corn into the auger. Each time I pushed corn from the bottom of the pile you would see a little corn trickle down from the top of the pile. I would glance at the corn to see if I could find my cell phone sliding down the side of the corn pile, and there it was! Maybe I should buy a Lottery ticket too?

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