It might seem like there isn't a lot happening in Kasson, but that's certainly not the case this weekend!

Local country favorites Lost Highway are headed to a celebration for the 140th Anniversary Of Kasson Fire Dept. on Saturday. You see, it's a dance - and they are providing the music.

Kasson Fire Dept.
Kasson Fire Dept.

Obviously, this is a 21 + event. However, it's something you definitely want to snag a babysitter for!

Organizers explained, "Lost Highway's commitment to country music and electrifying crowds is evident every time they hit the stage. Kasson Fire is excited to bring them to this years’ annual fireman's dance and we know you’ll enjoy them." We certainly knew this already, and it's never a bad time to see them again.

Chris Meyers, of Kasson Fire and Rescue, added that "Sunday is Trouble Shooter" for further entertainment.

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