Over a week ago I was out to the farm to disk my pea ground after they had been harvested. It is much too late to try a second crop of beans so I was planning on planting a cover crop. I had been in the field about a half-hour when I noticed something on the front cab window. Leaning over to get a better look I saw the right side of the diesel engine was all wet.

Of course I stopped to go out and have a look to see what was leaking. It was one of the fuel lines as I could see a mist coming out of the line next to the injector. You might think why not wrap it with duct tape? Yes every farmer has duct tape but diesel engine fuel lines are under very high pressure. I do not know exactly, but it is hundreds of pounds per square inch so duct tape was not an option.

So, I called my "good buddy" Dr. Bill at Kibble Equipment (formerly Ag Power Enterprises) in Owatonna. It was late Saturday morning and Dr. Bill said it was more than just a 10-minute job so I said that was fine, fix it next week. Dr. Bill called back and asked me to take a picture of the fuel line and text it to him. There were a few different styles and he wanted to be sure he brought the right parts to the farm.

Tuesday morning Dr. Bill called and told me he got it fixed Monday afternoon so it was ready to go. The fuel line was as good as it was in the 1980s when the tractor was new. Another example that Dr. Bill can do more with my equipment than my medical doctor can do for me.  My medical doctor cannot remove 40 years of aging can he? By the way, are you impressed I knew how to take a picture and text it to Dr. Bill?

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