Country singer Tayla Lynn opens up about her past struggles with drugs and alcohol in a brutally honest post to social media.

The former Stealing Angels singer — whose grandmother is country legend Loretta Lynn — posted a picture of herself and her son Tru to Instagram on Monday (June 6), sharing that she is celebrating four years of sobriety after relapsing into an addiction that she has struggled with more than once over the years.

"4 years ago yesterday I got sober again. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through. After 8 years of sobriety I relapsed for 6 months after taking Vicodin (pain killer) for a c section with this angel," Lynn writes.

She says that she "lost everything" during the six-month period of her relapse. "I thought I was unlovable and I would never get my baby or husband back," Lynn admits. "I got so much more y'all so much more."

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The singer says one of her favorite things is to hold her son and watch the sunrise and that she sometimes cries silently to herself, thinking, "I'm so glad I had you Tru. You changed my life just by being you."

Lynn offered hope to everyone else who is struggling with addiction, writing, "If you're struggling with addiction...if you were like me and you are lost and's ok. You're ok right now. Tell someone you trust and let's get you on the road to recovery. We are everywhere. I promise. We have you."

Lynn was one-third of Stealing Angels along with Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Wayne, who is now a member of the trio Runaway June. According to Lynn's website, she signed a new deal with London Tone Music in 2016, and her next project is "a solo album that will reflect Tayla’s personal journey over the last few years."

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