Last Sunday afternoon I was working over a field that is going to be planted to peas in a couple weeks. I would have preferred to be working over corn ground but I was waiting for the Coop to spread nitrogen first. There were a few small weeds already growing in the field and it was nice and dry so I thought why not get something done while I was waiting for the Coop to apply nitrogen.

There is a grass waterway in the pea field. When you get close to the waterway I just slow down, raise the field cultivator, drive through it and drop the field cultivator on the other side and throttle up. I was approaching the grass waterway I noticed this big stone laying on the grass. I realized on the previous pass the field cultivator pulled this big stone out of the field and laid it in the waterway!

It was a big stone at least 2 feet in diameter. I thought how did I not see that big stone? It must have been just below the soil surface. I was really fortunate that I did not break a shovel on the field cultivator! Sometimes you do get lucky! I think I will get it with the tractor and loader instead of trying to lift it into the Gator!

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