The Lonsdale ballot had primary election question concerning the proposed construction of a community center.

The question on the ballot asked residents if they wanted the city to be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $14.2 million for the purpose of constructing a community center.

The vote was:

  • No: 866, 78.94 percent of votes
  • Yes: 231, 21.06 percent of votes

That was the only local issue on the Lonsdale ballot. Here are the other results.

U.S. Representative District 1
Jim Hagedorn: 392 votes, 67.35 percent
Steve Williams, 190 votes, 32.65 percent

Tim Walz, 399 votes, 100 percent

Associate Justice Supreme Court 6
Natalie Hudson, 380 votes, 45.6 percent
Craig Foss, 262 votes, 29.37 percent
Michelle L. McDonald, 250 votes, 28.03 percent

Judge 3rd District 16
Carmaine Sturino, 385 votes, 44.3 percent
Timothy Guth, 291 votes, 33.49 percent
Daniel J. Moulton, 193 votes, 22.21 percent

Judge 3rd Distrct 17
Terrence M. Walters, 425 votes, 49.02 percent
David McCleod, 241 votes, 27.80 percent
Gerald Scott Weinrich, 201 votes, 23.18 percent

These are unofficial until they are canvassed.

The unofficial turnout in Lonsdale was very high for a primary with 57.6 percent of registered voters going to the polls.

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