The Living On the Land, Learning to Live on a Few Acres starts this evening at the Belle Plaine High School at 6PM in Belle Plaine. It is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Extension Service. The series will continue for the next eight weeks on Monday evenings. The program is designed people who are new to land ownership in rural areas.

Many times people move from the city to the country and have no experience with what is involved. Issues like maintaining a well or septic system, machinery and trucks on the roads, the noise of a grain dryer in the fall just to name a few. Many also want to have a few head of livestock, or maybe plant a big garden and sell produce at the local Farmers Market.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture might have food safety regulations you would need to be aware of, or you might have to register with the local feedlot officer. Those of us who grew up in the country know these things that someone that always lived in town might not. This program would also be helpful for someone living on an acreage wanting to enhance the experience.

The cost of the eight-week series is $240 per farm and two people from each farm can attend. Extension Educator Colleen Carlson told me they have room for a few more people. You could show up this evening and register or call Colleen Carlson at the Scott County Extension office (952) 492-5410.

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