There are two new invasive pests homeowners need to watch out for. Hopefully they will not be pests farmers need to be concerned about. But at this point we do not know if they are potential pests of corn and soybean producers. The first is Japanese Beetles. You will first see these in your lawn. The larva feed on the grass roots. You will notice brown spots in your lawn and you will be able to roll the sod like a carpet. The larva have eaten all the roots. Then the adult beetles will eat and consume just about anything, flowers, leaves and anything else.

The jumping worms are even more scary. I thought all worms were good for your soil? I guess not the jumping worms. They basically destroy the soil fertility and structure making it like coffee grounds. When the jumping worms are finished the plant roots are not able to anchor the plant in the soil. Jumping worms are about the size of night crawlers so they are larger than earth worms. When they are disturbed they really jiggle or jump around giving them their name jumping worms.

I did not know until University of Minnesota Extension Educator Mercedes Moffett mentioned it, but no worms are native to Minnesota! Click on the link and listen to Rice and Steele County Extension Educator Mercedes Moffett discuss these two invasive pests, how to identify, control, prevent their spread, and unfortunately how much we still do not know about them!

18 Annoying Things that People in the Midwest are Doing

You know those Post-it notes that you used to put up on your mirrors or around your house to remind you of different things. Well, some people in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin could use a whole pile of those to put up all over their world because they need some refreshers on a few basic things. Most are about driving but there are a few other moments in life that you'll realize annoy you too.



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