I think it is safe to say corn and soybean growers have been waiting a long time for a bullish report from the USDA. Like, maybe a whole year! It was last year the June 30 Acres Report from the USDA we were asking where did all those planted acres come from? Remember we had according to the USDA Risk Management Agency around 11 million acres of corn and 5.5 million soybean prevented plant acres.

When you added together the June 30, 2019 planted acres in the USDA Acres Report plus the prevented plant the math just didn't seem to make sense. We were asking where did all those acres come from? Then today, when you look at the numbers from the Perspective Plantings Report the end of March and compare those to the actual acres in this mornings USDA report the acres disappeared? Now the acres seem to make sense again.

Click on the link and listen to Gordy's reaction to the USDA Acres and Stocks numbers from the USDA. The report was released at 11:00 and we were talking on the air at 11:15.

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