Pioneer Agronomist Jay Zielske was my guest on today's AM Minnesota Program. One of the topics I wanted to bring up was how these hot humid temperatures will affect the grain filling period for our corn and soybeans. Jay said in an ideal situation we would prefer to finish the crops in a crock pot rather than a microwave oven. Another words at this time of the year it's just not all about growing degree units. But rather the crops especially corn it is better to 'slowly move toward maturity. That give the corn plant more days to translocate starches into the kernel.

Some of the other topics I talked with Jay about is when the corn might reach black layer or maturity, corn silage harvest, sudden death syndrome, white mold, brown stem rot, and of course weeds like tall waterhemp too. Click on the two links above and listen to Pioneer Agronomist Jay Zielske on today's AM Minnesota Program.



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