The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is in the process of adopting the California clean cars standard. This gets rather complicated with the Trump administration changing car standards and now the Biden administration changing again with their Climate Change emphasis. The way I understand it, all states will have to either follow the new Federal Standards or the California Standards. Already 14 other states have chosen to follow the California Standards.

There are some in the Minnesota Legislature that feel the Minnesota Clear Cars Rule should work it's way through the Minnesota legislature rather than the MPCA Rule Making Process. However, the MPCA Rule Making Process has been used many times and is not unusual. For example, Minnesota's new nitrogen standards, law, regulations or whatever you want to call it moved through the MPCA Rule Making process.

As I mentioned earlier it is rather complicated. So, click on the link above and listen to Amber Glaser Director of Public Policy for the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation explain what is going on with the Minnesota Clean Cars Rule.

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