Even with the rain that hit some areas of Minnesota last weekend virtually the entire state is at least in a moderate drought. In southcentral Minnesota where my farm is we are in a severe drought. It is remarkable that the corn and soybeans look as good as they do but we are going to need more rain soon, especially after a few 90 degree days coming up. Minnesota Department of Agriculture Thom Peterson has been staying in tough with many farmers, commodity groups and farm organizations on how severe the drought is and what the Minnesota Department of Agriculture can do to help farmers.

Most of the help for farmers dealing with drought would come from the Federal Government in Washington D.C. That could include disaster declarations, low interest loans, allowing haying and grazing on land enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program just a name a few. However, Commissioner of Agriculture Thom Peterson said there are some things the Minnesota Department of Agriculture can do to help.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has a program that can provide interest free loans, haying and grazing could be allowed on land owned by the Department of Natural Resources. In addition Commissioner Peterson can keep our Senators and Representatives informed on how severe the drought is. Click on the link and listen to Commissioner Thom Peterson's comments on the drought and help that is available from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

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