The deadline for signing up for the Farm Bill is Monday March 15, 2021. You will have to decide if you want ARC or PLC for corn and beans. That is the first thing Mark Ritter Executive Director at the Steele County Farm Service Agency (FSA) and I talked about in this mornings County FSA Report. Don't ask county FSA staff which program they thing you should sign up for as they will not give you an answer. That is your decision they will just help you sign-up. There are a number of websites and University of Minnesota Extension resources available to help you make the decision.

I did not realize it when I called the Steele County FSA office last week but I was already signed up for the Farm Bill this year. When I signed up for the 2019 farm Bill the first time I took the option of automatically signing up for every year of the Farm Bill. It just kind of renews every year. The only time I would have to sign up again is if I wanted to change my choices of ARC or PLC for corn and beans. In the previous Farm Bill we made one choice and could not change it for the entire 5 year Farm Bill. This is a nice change for the better in the current Farm Bill.

Listen to Mark Ritter Executive Director at the Steele County FSA office discuss a number of USDA programs and important deadlines for sign-up.

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