Today's AM Minnesota Program was more hopeful for county fairs in Minnesota this summer given Governor Walz's announcement last week. However, Rice County Fair manager John Dvorak said things could change quickly if there is a spike in COVID-19 test results. However, plans will move forward for the Rice County Fair this summer.

I did ask Steve Storck the President of the Minnesota Federation of County Fairs if they had some sort of safety guidelines for county fairs to adapt. Steve said that was more of a local issue with each county fair and their Public Health Department. It would be difficult to have one set of recommendations for the entire state of Minnesota.

Steve added that what the county fairs in Minnesota look like this summer will also be dependent on what other states are doing. For example, many carnivals overwinter in the southern United States. They begin moving north with stops at county fairs and other community events along the way to Minnesota after the 4th of July. If those states cancel events it is tough to justify heading all the way just for a county fair in Minnesota.

Click on the link and listen to Rice County Fair manager John Dvorak and Steve Storck talk about how the county fairs may look in Minnesota this summer.


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