Saying this was a very dry spring and early summer would be an understatement! In fact the last drought monitor showed parts of Southern Minnesota in a severe drought. For many days driving out to the farm in the afternoon you just did not want to look at the corn. The corn was showing it was under moisture stress by curling it's leaves to decrease the moisture it was losing. The leaves would open up during the night and in the morning it would look more normal. That is until late morning when it was hot and the wind blowing again.

Actually it was amazing that the corn was still growing and "hanging on" until the rain arrived last weekend. I went out to the farm Monday afternoon and the corn had a deep green color and looked vary good. The real question on many farmers minds is how much was the corn yield hurt? Do we still have the potential for 200 bushel corn if we have nice weather and timely rains the rest of the growing season. During the severe moisture stress the plant was already determining how big the ear will be this fall.

Click on the link and listen to Pioneer Agronomist Jay Zielske talk about his thoughts on our corn crop potential this year.

When You Are Having a Bad Day, Just Read These

Life isn't always perfect and we all are going to have bad days. On those days when you could use some cheering up, just look through these quotes that were found on some Hall's cough drops. They helped bring a smile to my face when I needed one and I'm sure there is one in the list that will do the same for you.

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