When Texas got hit by a major winter storm I read that a number of refineries had shut down. Along with the power outages they were not designed to operate with temperatures below zero. My first though was, that is not good news for diesel fuel supplies as we look forward to the spring planting season. So, I was able to talk with Jason Schwantz Senior Vice President of Refined Fuels at CHS.

Jason said the refineries in Texas were designed to handle a hurricane. When the storm passes the water is pumped out and they are back up and operating fairly quickly. Jason said he saw pictures of some of the refineries in Texas, they were huge blocks of ice! Is is going to take some time to inspect and repair if necessary every pipe, valve and anything else that may have frozen. Hopefully they can be back online soon but at this point no one knows how long it will be?


So, what does that mean for diesel fuel supplies and the price for this spring? Click on the link and listen to Jason's advice for farmers.

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