This is National Pollinator Week. If you like to eat you need pollinators. About 33 percent of the food we eat requires a pollinator to transfer pollen from one plant to another! When I thought of pollinators, I just thought of bees and them being necessary to pollinate the flowers of apple trees that turn into apples. That is about all I knew. So I called University of Minnesota Extension Educator Claire LaCanne in Rice and Steele County. Claire has a M.S. in Entomology. Yes, Claire likes insects!

Listen to Claire describe what a pollinator is, not just bees. Pollinators also include butterflies, hover flies, beetles, ants, some bats, even some birds like humming birds. A pollinator could be anything that goes after the nectar in a plant that can then transfer the pollen to another plant. Also listen to Claire talk about some funds that are available for you, even if you live in a city to plant a pollinator garden!

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