My wife Louise, a nurse was applying for Minnesota's Frontline Worker Pay Program and she mentioned, I wonder if you and other farmers might qualify for the program? During the pandemic she had many co-workers get symptoms during their shift and come to the nurse's office. She would take the test, send it in and send them home with instructions on isolation and to contact their family Doctor. Louise and other health care workers were the definition of a "frontline worker."

I did not really think of a farmer as a frontline worker, but I do not know of a farmer that sheltered in place and worked from home! Livestock producers took care of their livestock every day, we did what we always do in the spring, planted a crop. We stopped at the farm supply store, feed mill, COOP, Vet, equipment dealer, picked up parts, medicine, herbicide, seed, and what ever we needed.

I called Amber Glaser the Legislative Director for the Minnesota Farm Bureau and asked about farmers being eligible for the Minnesota Frontline Worker Pay Program. She said yes, Minnesota Farmers are eligible! Amber added they are making calls trying to get answers on a few details but the law was pretty specific, crop and livestock farmers were eligible! Click on the link above and listen to Amber talk about the Minnesota Frontline Worker Pay Program!

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