It sure was a nice January 2021 as temperatures averaged 6 degrees above zero. Well, it sure looks like at least the first two weeks of February is pay back time for Mother Nature! Temperatures will be much colder than normal with actual lows around 20 degrees below normal. No matter how cold it is, farmers, truckers, snow plows etc. need diesel engines to start and run normally.

If you want your diesel engine to perform normally with temperatures well below zero you need to know about the cold flow characteristics of the diesel fuel you are putting in the fuel tank. What is the cloud point, have cold flow improvers been added, what is the cold filter plugging point (CFPP) just to name a few. In addition what are the differences between number 2 diesel fuel and number 1 and what level should you blend to make sure your diesel engine keeps running at 30 below zero?

CHS fuels expert Chad Christiansen

Click on the link above and listen to CHS fuels expert Chad Christiansen discuss tips to assure you are not dealing with diesel fuel that gelled and plugged up the fuel filters. It is not fun on a really cold day changing filters and sometimes bleeding fuel lines trying to get the engine started again!

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