Samantha (Sam) Meyer was my guest on today's AM Minnesota Program. Sam has been the Program Director with Farmamerica for a little over a year. Things are a little quire at Farmamerica right now with the restrictions of no more than a group of 10 people that can meet inside. However, Sam said they are doing a lot of planning right now for programing next spring, summer and fall hoping for the best with the COVID-19 pandemic.

They were fortunate that last summer and fall they were able to host some events outside as the weather cooperated and they have all kinds of space for social distancing. Sam added they were thankful that at this point their budget is looking okay but there is concern about the future. Farmamerica as with most not for profit 501 C 3's they depend on grants, contributions, and volunteers to keep operating. Plus, with the restrictions there have not been meetings, weddings and other events at Farmamerica which was also a source of revenue.


Click on the links above and listen to Sam on today's AM Minnesota Program. Also, this is Giving Tuesday so, if you would like more information on being a volunteer or contributing to Farmamerica go to their Facebook page or website:

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