Now that Thanksgiving 2020 is in the rear view mirror I guess we are "officially" in the Christmas Season! With the nice weather just before Thanksgiving I have seen a lot of Christmas lights and decorations going up which is nice to see. At least something is normal in this pandemic year! I have also seen a number of business selling real Christmas trees again this year. I began wondering how many households buy a real Christmas tree compared to fake or artificial?

I did a little search on the internet and found some data indication around 60 percent of U.S. households buy a real Christmas tree every year. Maybe I am "old fashioned" because I like the smell of a real evergreen Christmas tree. Granted it is more work with buying one every year, keeping it watered and cleaning up the needles you still find weeks after Christmas! There is also more of a fire hazard with a real tree. However, artificial trees can burn too as these days they are made from petroleum.

Many families have a tradition of going to a Christmas tree farm picking a tree they want and cutting it themselves. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture's Minnesota Grown Directory has listed more than 60 local Christmas tree farms and tree lots listed. Typically Christmas tree farms plant 3 trees for every tree that is cut for Christmas!

I read that 80 percent of the fake or artificial trees come from China. Why not support the local economy and check out buying a real Christmas tree this year? Go to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's special website: or call 1-888-TOURISM.

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