My guests on Tuesday's AM Minnesota Program were Extension Educator in Rice and Steele County Claire LaCanne and Brad Carlson Extension Educator Soil Scientist at the Mankato Regional office. The topic was fall nitrogen management. Managing nitrogen properly is an economic as well as environmentally important decision. Farmers cannot afford to pay for nitrogen fertilizer and not have it available for the corn crop.


In addition farmers cannot apply fertilizer and have it end up in the groundwater which is a health safety concern plus it is not available to the corn crop. Click on the links above and listen to the AM Minnesota Program on what science and research shows on how to properly manage nitrogen. Plus we discuss the new nitrogen rule, law, regulations that are being implemented by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. We also talk about the Nitrogen Smart Program sponsored by the Minnesota Corn Growers that Brad is involved in. Special thank you to Claire for setting and organizing the AM Minnesota Program!

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