Last Thursday afternoon I went out to the farm to disk over my pea field. I had it ready to plant the previous Sunday. There was only a slight chance of rain but that morning we received 1.2 inches of rain! So, I was delayed about five days in getting my second crop beans planted. When it is this late in the season, every day counts but there is not much you can do when the weather doesn't cooperate. Normally I like to have the beans planted by July 5. Now it is all about the rest of the growing season and hoping for a very late frost. If the weather does not cooperate then the beans are a cover crop! At least something was growing in the field.

One of the advantages of growing peas is they are harvested very early and you might have a chance at getting a second crop of beans. Another advantage is you have a place to haul manure or, as I like to call it, liquid gold. I have a neighbor who has a swine nursery just down the road. I assume the pit must not be large enough because every year after my peas are harvested he spreads it on my field. He asked me if I wanted him to inject the manure or just spread it on top. As long as I had to disk the field again I said just blow it on top. It's nice to get along with your neighbors, especially when you can get some liquid gold!

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