Friday at noon I saw these Xcel Energy trucks parked across the street. Sure looked like these linemen were able to get a hot lunch at least for one day. I suspect there are many days when they are on a job out in some rural area, the only lunch they get is whatever they brought along in the morning. It made me think what their life is like when there is a severe ice storm or blizzard with power outages.

When there are power outages these men and women are out in the weather making repairs. It makes no difference how hot or cold, day or night, snow or rain, they will be working to get the power restored. Electricity is something we take for granted, until you flip the switch and nothing happens. Without electricity, our houses get cold, you can't stop by the store and buy groceries, you do not buy gas, you cannot even get cash from the ATM. Salute to all the men and women that answer the call when there are power outages!

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