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Rochester, MN(KROC AM News) - A lawsuit appears to be in the works dealing with the newest city-owned parking ramp in downtown Rochester.

The ramp is located on the northwest corner of 1st St and 1st Ave SE and includes 630 parking stalls.

It opened in March 2019.

Rochester parking ramp #6- Kim David, Townsquare Media
Rochester parking ramp #6- Kim David, Townsquare Media


The $31-million facility was constructed to accommodate up to 10 stories of residential development and the city was in talks with a developer to build a $38-million affordable housing complex on top of the ramp. That was in the fall of 2019 and that’s when the city said it “experienced a variety of problems” with the ramp.

The city said they were not safety-related but affected the proposed expansion. The city spent more than $200,000 on additional studies and repairs.

It has been in talks over the extra costs with Collaborative Design Group, the firm the city hired to design and build the ramp.

City Attorney Jason Loos says “the mediation was not fruitful” and he is asking the City Council to authorize a lawsuit.

The council is scheduled to vote on the recommendation Monday.

News update:  Winter storm warning issued for southern Minnesota.

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